Polyommatus coridon
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I think an autumnal L. hispana fits well ... zur Aufnahme in die Bestimmungshilfe vorgeschlagen

Kaixo guztioi (basque for "Hallo an alle"),

as far as one can judge (only small part of the upperside visible), both upper- and underside of Susana's Lysandra-male fit quite well with L. hispana.
L. hispana is known to occur locally in the vicinity of Pamplona, where however L. coridon is more distributed (Garcia-Barros et al. 2004, Alzugaray & Aguirresarobe 2001).

Phenology/voltinism still seems to be the only practicable way to separate the females of the two vicariant Lysandra species L. coridon and L. hispana. In particular, one is left in the lurch by the revision of the Lysandra-group (Schurian 1989):
KLAUS G. Schurian, K.G. (1989): Revision der Lysandra-Gruppe des Genus Polyommatus Latr. (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). - Neue Entomologische Nachrichten 24: 1-181.
where it is only noted that the determination of L.hispana females is "not easy" and "only for specialists" (hard to believe, but no means of identification are presented).
However, Schurian (l.c.) rightly states, that the males of co-habitating L. hispana and L. coridon (they are only synchronous during summer/autumn ) are separable.

In Lepiforum's identification-aid "Bestimmungshilfe" all shown L. hispana-specimens were secured via the spring generation (that is, when/where L. coridon is not present). As a consequence no pictures of L. hispana of the 2nd and 3rd generation are available in "Bestimmungshilfe"... So this photo (and hopefully more to come!) should be included there.

agur asko: Hermann

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I think an autumnal L. hispana fits well ... zur Aufnahme in die Bestimmungshilfe vorgeschlagen
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