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Forum 1: Bestimmung von europäischen Schmetterlingen und ihren Praeimaginalstadien

Re: Pelochrista
Antwort auf: Re: Pelochrista ()

I sent a photo of almost all the experts to this group, but no one can help me. Most continental practitioners give their hands away from the Pelochrista.
Mr. Razowski also denied me the following: Thanks for yours. I checked your images of Pelochrista but I could
not fid this species in my files and drawings. In facies, it looks
like an Eucosma fervidana or tripoliana. But sure it is not. So,
I am unable to help you much. Very sorry.
Best regards, J. Razowski.

When I start to be more interested in this group, I think that even a my photos of P. caecimaculana on Lepiforum probably will not be right. Maybe P. modicana?

Anyway, thank you for your review and feedback.

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