Polyommatus coridon
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Forum 1: Bestimmung von Schmetterlingen und ihren Praeimaginalstadien

Larva: A small Ypsolopha vittella-look alike, but not correct? *Foto*

Hi Bestimmungshilfe

Is there any suggestion about this small micro, found today, near Grenaa - Denmark
on a Ulmus along a small road - in spun leaves.
First I thought Ypsolopha vittella - but when I got home ... hmm - What about this analshield, and the
2 whitish rings around the neck? - And the pattern at the back isn´t totally correct!

Have anyone a good proposal - any help is useful

Best regards and thanks in advance - Kjeld

Dänemark, Jutland, Grenaa, 10 m - about 3½ km from the coast, in a henge along a road. Dayfound/Freeland
Ulmus, probably, 12. of May, 2018, Length: 7-8 mm.
Foto: Kjeld Brem Sørensen.

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Larva: A small Ypsolopha vittella-look alike, but not correct? *Foto*
Gaaab! ;-) *kein Text*
Now confirmed from 2 other "heavy persons", that this is a young vittella