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Re: Massenwanderung auch in Zypern

Gibt es keine Meldungen von Zypern? Aber doch:


Dort hieß es am 29. März 2019: "Last week we witnessed a mass migration of Painted Lady butterflies in Cyprus. This species of butterfly (Vanessa cardui) is one of the most known migratory butterfly species in Europe. The butterflies were coming from Israel in large numbers and flying north-west out to sea towards Turkey and Greece.

This migration occurs every year in Cyprus, but this year, due to the rainy winter in West Asia, the conditions for the growth of the host plants of this species were such that enable the survival of the caterpillars and significantly boosted the population of the species, thus giving us this beautiful phenomenon seen through the Cypriot sky.

Vanessa cardui migration activity started on the 21st March with few reports from island residents and peaked on the 22st March with numerous reports that came from all over Cyprus most of them referring to have seen thousands and thousands of Vanessa cardui flying to a north, northwest direction. The presence of Vanessa cardui all over the island indicates an island-wide migration of the species involving millions of individuals. In Nicosia, the migrants were seen flying in streams, passing at a rate of 10 specimens per minute per 20 m zone. Another significant migration of this species was documented back in 2001 were mass movement of Vanessa cardui was estimated at 48 million individuals. Vanessa cardui migration will continue for 10-15 days with much lower numbers."

Und schon am 22. März 2019 war auf https://knews.kathimerini.com.cy/en/news/swarm-of-butterflies-passes-through-cyprus zu lesen: Swarm of butterflies passes through Cyprus

Millions of flight-fluttering painted ladies meet up on the island as they rest and head further North

Dozens of unique types of butterfly are passing through Cyprus in the millions this week, putting on an amazing show for locals and nature enthusiasts from coast to coast.

Hundreds of millions of butterflies are migrating from Africa to northern parts for the summer, with Cypriots seeing thousands of the magnificent insects navigate by the hour very close to the ground.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the Vanessa cardui is a very outgoing butterfly, with multiple colours and medium size. This type of butterfly is considered as one of the most beautiful Rhopalocera.

Witnesses have observed a fluttering pattern of this particular species, while Israeli media said experts believe many are waiting in Cyprus to reconnect with a swarm of their relatives from Israel and then all will move on to Turkey.

The Vanessa cardui tends to migrate en mass, even billions on a particular journey especially at the beginning of springtime, while some types have been known to migrate even during the early summer months.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, some of these butterflies will stay behind to give birth, one by on one onto special leaves, where caterpillars will find food and shelter."


Erwin Rennwald

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