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Forum 2: Alles außer Bestimmungsanfragen

Lycia lapponaria photos *Foto*

Scotland, Stirlingshire, Flanders Moss, 15 m, 10th April, 2020, day find on fencepost in peat bog habitat (outdoor photo: Mark Wilson)

I noticed you didn't have many photos of Lycia lapponaria (Rannoch Brindled Beauty). There is a small population near where I live which I did a survey of this year (I can walk to it from my house, so a good survey to do during lockdown)! You are very welcome to use and and all of my photos of this species if they would be helpful. I have tried to attach a few below, but am not sure if this is going to work (I am not sure whether photos should be uploaded here or at the 'Upload graphic (optional)' section below. Fingers crossed! I've noticed that two of my photos (the last two of adult femailes) have are appearing as rotated in the preview - but I'm sure you'll be able to work out which way up they should go!

Best wishes,


Adult male

Adult male (same individual as above)

Adult female ovipositing

Details as above, but date 18th April, 2020
Adult female on fencepost

Adult female on fencepost

Adult female on tree trunk

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Lycia lapponaria photos *Foto* Bestimmungshilfe
Great photos of a rarely found species, thank you very much!
Cute shots!