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Forum 3: Außereuropäische Arten – Non-European Species

Re: Euchromius vinculellus (Zeller, 1847)

Dear Vlad,
I think you are right with your doubts. - During my years in the UAE I had not done any dissections. I just took pictures from all collected specimen and sent the specimen to ZSM. Euchromius specimen I had sorted according to chapter Pyraloidea (Jan Asselbergs) in Vol. 1 of Arthropod Fauna of the UAE, which lists only three species of the genus and does not refer to the number of black dots. - So a straight orange band was E. vinculellus, an orange band angled below the costa was E. cambridgei and a double orange band was E. ocellea, which is admittendly a rather crude identification method. - I see now, that I might have two different species in E. vinculellus, as even in the picture I posted above, the specimen 3, 4 and 7 look like your moths and have a broader wing.
For an accurate id definitely the genitalia need to be examined. - If you do dissections, you should download “Revision of the genera Euchromius Guenée and Miyakea Marumo” by Schouten in Tijdschrift voor Entomologie Vol 135 , 1992 (see following link)
There are the descriptions and genitalia for the known 47 Euchromius species given and it is the publication Slamka is refering to in his general description of the genus.

Best regards


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